About us

Fram Skandinavien AB (publ) is a Swedish- Vietnamese Venture Building & IT-development company with operations in broader South East Asia. Founded and built by passionate company builders and top talented engineers.

Standing Teams

IT development services
fram^ builds standing teams of top talents in IT-engineering and provide a model for long-term collaborations with the customer. fram^ focuses on a collaboration model that goes beyond the IT industry's traditional focus on project-based customer relations.

Venture Building

Venture builder
An alternative and proven approach to early stage company investing. Founding and building new companies based on a systematic selection of business models. Financing first 18-24 months of venture development - goal is that all subsidiaries should generate revenues within 6 months and show profitability within 18-24 months. Subsidiaries' needs for digital talent are secured through the Standing teams business division.

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Christopher Beselin
Chairman & Co-founder
Skype: christopher.beselin
Max Bergman
CEO & Co-founder
Skype: max_g_bergman